Dr Stephen McGovern (Steve)


Dr Steve, as he is known to his Clinic staff, is a dedicated, highly- experienced, professional General Ophthalmologist, who offers clinical services in cataract, glaucoma, macula, diabetes and general retinal and oculo-plastics. His availability for ophthalmic assessment is broad and covers urgent conditions at short notice.

The philosophy underpinning his practice in Ophthalmology has always been to provide the best, most up-to-date and excellent ophthalmic clinical and surgical care and to do so in a manner in which the patients and family are treated as we, ourselves, would expect to be looked after, with caring and empathy and as partners in all decisions regarding their eye care.

He undertook his RANZCO Ophthalmology Training in Adelaide, followed by a Fellowship at the St John Ophthalmic Hospital, Jerusalem. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons. Having benefitted from his own training under excellent mentors and clinical trainers, Dr Steve has always believed in giving back to the community by being involved in training, himself.

Since 1989, he has been active in training and mentoring the next generation of Eye Specialists, providing clinical and career mentorship to young Ophthalmologists as part of the RANZCO Australian Ophthalmology training program. He has been Senior Visiting Consultant and Clinical Tutor at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, involved in the training of more than 60 current Australian ophthalmologists since 1989 and has been Clinical Supervisor of the RANZCO 2nd year Training Post at the RAH since 2014.

He has been a Mentor within the RANZCO Training program and currently also holds the position of RANZCO Senior Inspector of Training Posts, Australia-wide.

He is both a Senior Clinical Lecturer in the Department of Surgery at the University of Adelaide and Adjunct Senior Lecturer and MDRS Program Specialist at Flinders University. He has held many leadership positions within Ophthalmology, including Chair of the South Australian branch of RANZCO and Head of Unit, RAH Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences.

He has always had a strong interest in blindness prevention and ophthalmic aid internationally, including in Indigenous and developing-world ophthalmology He has provided outreach services both in Australia and overseas, delivering clinical and training services in the APY Lands in the north of South Australia, and in the SA Riverland region for over 3 decades.

In his international roles, he has regularly participated in projects in Kiribati, Myanmar (Burma) and Laos, on teaching and surgical trips, research projects and resource provision, with ASPECT and as a Visionary with Sight for All. He was the Project Lead on the Meiktila 2 Blindness Survey in Myanmar in 2017.

He has had several publications in international, peer reviewed ophthalmic journals, mainly in the areas of Public Health Ophthalmology and Neuro-Ophthalmology.

In his free time, his interests include his family, hiking and nature, photography, history and the arts, especially theatre, music and dance, which he is delighted to share with his wife, Wendy.

Stephen T McGovern



Senior Visiting Medical Specialist and Clinical Supervisor

Department of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences,

Royal Adelaide Hospital & SA Institute of Ophthalmology.

Senior Clinical Lecturer, Department of Surgery,

Adelaide Medical School

University of Adelaide.

Adjunct Senior Lecturer and Riverland MDRS Program Specialist,

Flinders MD Rural Stream (MDRS)

School of Medicine,

Flinders University.

RANZCO Senior Inspector of Training Posts

Visionary, Sight For All

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